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Applicable regulations (RADA/NSL)

Presentation of various documents relating to the applicable procedures for quality control in seed production.

Some definitions of specific terms that are most commonly used in the field.
Various application orders relating to the Seed Law.
The articles are not issued until now.
The recognition of producers or dealers is an essential link of all the procedures applied in the regulation of quality seed production.
This section presents the steps involved in quality control and the application for recognition. It provides the appropriate form to submit to RADA for all applications for recognition.

The documents relating to the recognition of dealers are not available.
Variety homologation
The assessment, homologation and registration of plant varieties are of key importance in the Seed Commodity Chain because they enable: i) The implementation of an impartial system for data collection and distribution to allow qualitative and quantitative assessment of the plant variety attributes identified by researchers; ii) The protection of the rights of beneficiaries and the promotion of open competition between public and private researchers and thereby the maintenance the quality standards; iii) The limitation of the certification to recorded plant varieties only; iv) The protection of the producers against the risk of purchasing seeds of lower quality.
This section presents the terms for plant variety homologation as well as the organization of the homologation committee. The National Plant Variety Catalogue is also available in which the names of the plant varieties cultivated in Rwanda are recorded, the description of their importance and their agricultural value.
Quality control process
This item first of all offers access to the crop and harvest statement forms that are obligatory for all seed producers to submit. It also presents the norms (and files) applicable to quality control in the field, during storage and conditioning, and in the laboratory. It will also contain certain practical aspects regarding certification and labelling.
Seed importation
Regulations regarding the importation and exportation of seeds.

Seed producers

Quality seed dealers

Variety homologation requirements

Variety homologation committee

Approved varieties

Crop statement (declaration)

Harvest statement (declaration)

Field control

Laboratory control


Conditionning and processing

Control tariffs

Rules and modalities